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About US

Gisena’s Closet is a trendy, sophisticated fashion-forward children’s boutique for girls sizes 0-16 based out New Jersey. Gisena’s Closet was inspired by my two beautiful daughters, Gisena and Elisa. It all started after Elisa was born. All of Gisena’s clothes would go from her closet to Elisa’s and then from there they would go to other beautiful little girls. This is where the idea of Gisena’s Closet originated.

Our dream is to bring beautiful, fashionable, yet affordable clothing to your door. Being a busy mom of not only my two girls, but also a teenage son, I know how hard it can be to shop with children. I wanted to make it easy for busy mom’s to buy beautiful clothes without the hassle in the comfort of your own home. Day or night Gisena’s Closet is only a click away.

Thank you so much for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!